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Driving for DSV means driving for one of the largest transport and logistics companies in the world. DSV is well-run and financially sound.

And so that means that we need reliable, responsible drivers and hauliers.

What does it take to be a driver for DSV?

In short, we expect you to be professional, friendly and an asset to DSV and to the transport industry.

  • We need you to be customer-oriented because you will be the friendly face of DSV and the person our customers meet. They need to trust you in order to trust us.
  • We expect you to keep your truck clean, to drive safely and respect the highway code. To keep to the legal rest times and not do anything to damage our reputation.
  • If you’re delayed for any reason, or anything else goes wrong, we expect you to call us as soon as you can and let us know.
  • Many of our customers have special procedures we - and you - have to follow, such as parking only in secure truck parks because the goods you are delivering are of very high value.

If interested in becoming a haulier for DSV, you can read more about what we offer you.

Any questions?

Our experts are ready to help.